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Teacher's Corner | Organization for Autism Research


We developed the Understanding Autism: Professional Development Curriculum to provide school districts, schools, and teachers with the foundational knowledge and effective classroom strategies they need to better serve and teach students with autism. Site provides IEP help, tips for transitioning into the classroom, steps for success and how you can better support students on the spectrum in the classroom.

National Autism Center: Autism Resources for Educators


To assist school professionals as they strive to help these students reach their potential, the National Autism Center has recently updated its autism manual for educators – Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools. 2nd Edition.

National Autism Resources: Classroom Materials Teaching Supplies
(available for purchase)


Our autism classroom supplies will help you successfully teach your students with autism. We offer a wide variety of curriculum, flashcards, books, and educational toys that will support your IEP goals. Our classroom accommodations include visual timers, communication pictures, and focus helpers to help your students stay on task and increase motivation.

National Education Association: Teaching Students with Autism - Guide for Educators


“Teaching Students with Autism” provides a brief summary of how K-12 educators might think differently about students with autism, capitalize on their strengths, provide supports to address their challenges, and facilitate positive social relationships among students with and without autism.

Looking to specialize in ASD or further your education? 
Visit Mary Baldwin University for more information!  They have a program fit for everyone.

ASD certificate:


This certificate is embedded in both the Undergraduate and Graduate programs and is Virginia Autism Counsel approved. It prepares those who support ASD individuals in any setting as paraprofessionals. (4 classes.

Undergraduate Programs:


MBU's major in ASD and ABA is the first of its kind in Virginia. It's available to residential and online students, and it prepares them to work in a school or home setting. 

Graduate Programs:


This is a master's in ASD designed for parents, educators, and anyone works with ASD in a professional setting.
​(33 credit hours.)